Does Your Company Have An Information Problem?

Organizations battling their information problem are not alone. They are amongst thousands of other companies who are struggling to fight the daily battle of having the right information to do their job. It is such a problem, it is costing the US economy 1.5. Trillion in productivity loss.

Employees spend up to 25% of their work week searching for information to do their job. They riffle through email after email searching for one document they are certain they had labeled correctly. Well, guess what, they can’t find that email so now they have to ask their coworker to resend it. Now, they are not only wasting their own time – looking for a document that should have been easily accessible – they are now wasting their coworkers time.

Companies information management problem could be solved with an easy-to-use file sharing tool. One that allows employees to easily access documents, share information, ask & answer questions, all while collaborating amongst one another.

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